Reiki Treatment

Shamanic Healing

Ancient sacred healing for powerful transformation

" Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. We know from the archaeological evidence that shamanism was practiced all over the world for at least 40,000 years. However many anthropologists believe that the practice dates back over 100,000 years." Sandra Ingerman

This transformative form of healing works at a deep level. I work as a shamanic practitioner using powerful methods to work through blocks you're facing in your life. Often when we're not feeling our true selves or out of 'our body', disconnected, spaced out or facing repeated blocks. This form of healing can be very supportive. 

Working with healing voice, energetic balancing techniques and hands on/off healing methods. The healing continues to work on all levels over the following days/weeks after sessions.

Sessions work with any of the following

Healing Voice 

Soul Retrieval

Healing Regression 

Cord Cutting

I offer 60 min sessions from my healing room in Bradford-on-Avon. I often find clients coming in for bodywork sessions need energetic healing support, especially during the times we live. I will guide you on what may be best. 

A fascination with many great forms of healing has lead me down many paths. Shamanism stood out and has been the most personally supportive and inspiring. I've trained with highly experienced healers who have dedicated their life to travelling the world learning, teaching and sharing their method to support others.

It's a great honor to help people with healing and I would be delighted to support you. Feel free to contact me for an informal chat, if you'd like to know more.