Ancient art of treating the whole body



Reflexology works by treating the whole body through the feet and hands. I'm fascinated with the east/west approach to bodywork and incorporate this into how I work with reflexology. In this way we're also connecting into energetic pathways, which can provide physiological and emotional support. 

This method comes from ancient practices, a connection to acupuncture & shiatsu, working with the 5 element theory. In my experience this provides a deeper more connected treatment for clients with great outcomes. 

TCM Pregnancy Reflexology

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I'm trained to offer TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Pregnancy Reflexology. This is a beautiful way to support yourself during pregnancy. 

Working with specialist techniques to support specific pregnancy related conditions throughout all trimesters. Please feel free to contact me to find out more. I offer free consultations and informal chats to see, if how I work feels right for you. 


MAR Reflexologist

Member of association of Reflexologists


Why choose a MAR reflexologist

MAR means Qualified

MAR means Professional

MAR: A Seal of Quality

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