Image by Christin Hume

Healing Bodywork

Tailored to you

I work in a variety of ways depending on your desired outcome. Having trained as an advanced clinical massage practitioner using the JING method. I have been taught some excellent approaches using advanced bodywork techniques to support clients. My approach incorporates eastern and western techniques and has proven to be an excellent way to meet your needs. 

After many years in practice and from personal experience I've found there are times when we're seeking a more focused approach to support a chronic condition. A time when support through holding, restoration and relaxation is what we need more.

After our initial Free consultation, I can guide you on what is best. Focused work requires more time, commitment and interaction in sessions. It's a 1-6 model with sessions every 1-2 weeks. 

Healing. restorative, relaxation, and support based sessions are flexible to work within what feels right for you. 

I have a passion and love of essential oils and find their support fabulous in healing bodywork. I use ethically sourced high quality aromatherapy essences and oils selected from flowers & plants to balance mind, body & spirit in combination with eastern/western bodywork & healing.