Covid-19 protocols

Protocols from risk assessments, if you would like to see the full risk assessments. Please feel free to get in touch.

NYR Bristol Therapy room procedures

Transmission of Covid-19 from a  therapist 

- Therapists will complete the Covid-19 health questionnaire before  returning to work 

- Therapists will receive training explaining they must not come to  work is feeling unwell for any reason 

- Training will also cover what to do in the event of them having Covid 19 symptoms 

- Therapists will have their temperature taken with the non-contact  thermometer at the start of their shift, if their temperature reads  higher than 37.3C they will have a secondary reading taken with an  in-ear thermometer, if their temperature reads higher than 37.8C  they will be asked to go home 

- Therapists will be asked to put any outdoor clothing into a provided  box at the start of their shift 

- Encouraged to bring their own water

Transmission of Covid-19 from a client 

- Clients will receive information of the safety steps we have taken in  our therapy rooms and waiting/reception areas, including what we  expect of them  

- Clients will be asked if they, or social bubble, have/had any  symptoms of Covid-19 before arriving for their treatment 

- Clients will have their temperature taken with the non-contact  thermometer at the start of their treatment, if their temperature  reads higher than 37.3C they will be asked to go home 

- Clients will be asked to put their clothing into a provided plastic box  for their treatment, this will be sanitised after each use 

- Encouraged to bring their own water

Transmission of Covid-19 through  close (direct) contact whilst at NYR location

- Following current government guidelines, certain treatments will not  yet be allowed, e.g. facials 

- When entering therapy space directly, clients will be encouraged to  wear masks when booking in for their appointment  

- When entering therapy space through the store area, clients will be encouraged to wear masks when booking for their appointment - Minimum PPE of a visor is to be worn by the therapist when performing face to face treatments; this need to cover the whole  face and extend below the chin, it should be worn in the proper  position the whole time 

- If using a reusable visor it should be wiped down thoroughly in  between uses 

- When not in use visors should be wiped down thoroughly and stored  in a safe place, e.g. in a locker, bag or on a clean sheet of paper on a  counter top away from areas of busy traffic or where someone may  pick it up 

- Treatment times should be shortened wherever possible  - Skin to skin contact should be avoided where possible.

- Back to back or side to side positionings to be used where possible - When completing consultations, discussions, etc 2 metres social  distancing should be maintained at all times; if 2 metres cannot be  maintained visors/masks should be worn 

Transmission of Covid-19 through  surface (indirect) contact whilst at NYR  location

- Training will be given on the importance of hand washing and good  personal hygiene to all therapists ahead of their return to work - Running water, soap and disposable paper towels and appropriate  dispensers will be provided 

- Organic Hand Defence Spray will be provided in  

reception/waiting/entrance areas and in each therapy room - Cleaning products will be provided for each therapy room  - A cleaning log will be implemented for each therapy room and  guidance provided as to what should be covered 

- Cleaning log completion will be monitored by Store Managers - Suitable and safe methods of waste disposal will be arranged - No soft furnishing or unnecessary items (including paper POS) to be  left out 

- Clean towels will be provided for every client and they will be stored  in a closed cupboard or drawer, rather than out on display

Transmission due to restricted  

spaces/lack of social distancing

- Appointments can only be booked in advance, walk ins will not be  permitted 

- Appointments will have spacing between each  treatment to allow cleaning regime and social distancing in waiting  areas 

- In locations where there is a reception desk sneeze screens will be  installed (Borough Market and Covent Garden) 

- Fabric chairs will be removed or marked do not use in waiting areas - Some chairs/seating will be removed to ensure social distancing - Floor marking to be used where necessary 

- Signs to instruct limited numbers on staircases

Third Party

- Therapists documents will be checked before returning to work, this  includes their insurance, risk assessment etc 

- Training will be given to the therapists to match that given to NYR  staff (amended where appropriate)


- Ventilation must offer 100% fresh air to the location  

- This can either be through an open window or a sufficient  mechanical system

Confirmed covid-19 case

- Therapists to either be sent home immediately or not come into  work for shift 

- Entire area to be cleaned down whilst wearing gloves and mask with  usual cleaning supplies 

- P&D team/H&S Officer to be notified immediately 

- Person with symptoms to be tested as soon as possible at a  government testing centre, or with at home testing kit 

- If positive, any close contacts to remain off work for 14 days  - (please refer to Symptom Action Plan) 

- If negative, therapy rooms to remain open and continue as normal (If sickness absence with no Covid-19 symptoms usual procedure will apply  with full return to work completed either on telephone before re-entry to  store or immediately upon on arrival)


- Store Managers have been given guidance explaining that all usual  health and safety inspections etc need to be completed 

- Support is available through H&S Officer is required 

- Contractors will be arranged ahead of opening 

- Therapy rooms already have general therapies risk assessment  completed