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Fusing Eastern and Western healing practices. We discuss your requirements and work with a style to suit your needs for a tailor-made experience. Having qualified in Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology in 2007, I have more than 10 years of experience and a tremendous passion for holistic therapy.

This has guided me to many other wonderful practices. From Shiatsu, energy healing to advanced clinical massage. I continue developing my skills, which informs my work, creating a deep healing connection and outcome based treatments for my clients.

In my clinic I work with….

  • Bespoke essential oil blending tailored to your requirements

  • Relieving chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system

  • Clients with burnout form overwork, anxiety, overwhelm & stress

  • Tailored healing experiences - bespoke to your requirements

  • Clients looking for support during life's transitions

  • Clients with chronic conditions looking for support alongside conventional healthcare practices.

There are many benefits of holistic healing. Below are a few recognised and clinically proven outcomes. Taking time and space for yourself is a powerful act of self care. It can improve our wellbeing immensely. When we create space the body is able to heal itself. 

  • helps relaxation

  • Improves mood

  • aids sleep

  • relieves tension

  • relieves anxiety and stress

  • promotes a sense of general well-being

I use high grade therapeutic oils and balms. All products used in your treatment are 100% natural.

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treatments & Pricing


Blended essences selected from flowers & plants. Oils added to a carrier oil & massaged into the skin. Balancing emotions and improving general health & wellbeing.  Using 100% natural & therapeutic oils from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. Massage is one of the many, wonderful ways to use aromatherapy. Follow up home care advice provided and tailored to individual needs as required.

1st appointment 90 minutes, £55.00 including consultation time.

Follow ups £45, 60 mins , £70 90 mins

Advanced Clinical Massage  

Excellent outcomes for reducing and eliminating your pain in 1-6 treatments. This is a great choice for specific pain conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, fibromyalgia, neck/shoulder and low back pain. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. I use a variety of techniques from advanced sports stretching, trigger point work, Myofascial release & Amma fusion. Intuitive massage to bring balance-blending the best of eastern and western modalities.

1st appointment 90 minutes, £55.00 including consultation time.

Follow ups £45, 60 mins , £70 90 mins

Holistic Massage

A bespoke massage to suit you. We discuss your requirements and work with a variety of techniques to meet your needs. Great for relaxation.

1st appointment 90 minutes, £55.00 including consultation time.

Follow ups £45, 60 mins , £70 90 mins


A comfortable pressure used to work with reflexes corresponding to other areas of the body. Energy pathways in the hands & feet connect to other parts of the body. They're stimulated through a variety of pressure and energetic techniques. An ancient art used by many cultures.  

1st appointment 90 minutes, £55.00 including consultation time.

Follow ups £40, 60 mins, £60.00 90 mins

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone placement on the body, massage techniques using hot stones. alongside restorative & releasing massage techniques, creating a deeply relaxing experience. 

1st appointment 90 minutes, £55.00 including consultation time.

Follow ups £50, 60 mins, £75, 90 mins

Neal’s Yard Organic - Holistic Facial

Neal's Yard Holistic facial. A beautiful treatment using gorgeous products tailored to your skin type. A treatment designed to suit your emotional and physical needs. Incorporating Chinese facial diagnosis techniques. Bespoke massage elements to suit you.

1st appointment 90 minutes, £55.00 including consultation time.

Follow ups £50, 60 mins, £75.00, 90 mins

Seated Acupressure - Event & Onsite Treatment. Please contact to discuss pricing

Mobile treatment done through clothing working with acupressure points. Deeply restorative & relaxing. Great for 15-30 minutes treatments. Perfect for the office, festivals or events. 

Follow up 30 minute appointments available at £35. Excludes clinical massage. 


I've trained with some of the most prestigious schools in the industry. Working in natural health and wellbeing for many years. My passion has lead me to many paths, which informs my work to create a deep healing connection. 

I'm committed to providing the best service for my clients. Through continuous personal and professional development always keeping up to date with the latest evidence and research. 

As a member of the Association of Reflexologists and Federation of Holistic Therapists. I adhere to comprehensive guidelines for your benefit. The FHT is the UK's leading professional body. The Association of Reflexologists brings the highest standards of practice to the industry. You can feel assured you're looked after by a highly qualified professional.


  • Advanced Clinical Massage, JING institute of advanced massage, 2018

  • European school of Shiatsu Acupressure - Seated Chair Massage, 2017

  • Year one Zen Shiatsu - Classical Meridians & Five Element Theory, 2017

  • Diploma in Hot and Cold Stone Massage, 2016

  • ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage, 2007

  • ITEC Level 3 Aromatherapy, 2007

  • ITEC Level 3 Reflexology, 2007

  • Table Thai

  • Pregnancy Massage BCMB Bristol

  • Neal's Yard Holistic Facial

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I can visit your home, holiday rental or business.

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A treatment with Elly truly is a mind-body-spirit experience. Within moments I am relaxed and always come away with not only eased muscles but feeling more grounded and connected to my body than before.
Elly really does tailor her massage to what I need and with so much experience to draw on, it is different each time and always effective.
She’s a very special therapist who makes me feel nurtured and cared for.

I’ve seen Elly for a variety of treatments and each one has left me feeling nurtured and revitalised. She has an incredible intuition and is able to blend techniques in a way that I truly think is unique to her. There is a flow and a confidence in her movements that promotes instant relaxation. I can even feel her energy starting to flow before the massage starts. I always know I’m going to experience something special when I see her.

Elly is a warm and caring person, she created a safe and trusted connection. It was so physically and mentally relaxing that I was able to let go of long held tension in my body (especially my head) and Elly replaced this with a peaceful feeling for me through her touch. I recommend Elly as a lovely person and an experienced holistic therapist whole-heartedly.

Elly Sweet’s massages are simply divine. Since my first massage, 2 years ago, I have never gone elsewhere. The combination of her calming, grounding presense and the skills and techniques that she incorporates throughout make for a truely holistic experience, which offers healing on all levels.